I love optimization.

I love to do things in the best way possible.

The shortest route between home and work; the right amount of sleep to get; code that's easy to use and maintain.

That's why I'm at Nest, turning data into actionable, valuable insights.

I'm learning to keep the balance between producing timely analyses, and constructing flexible, extensible tools so that those analyses become effortless.

Python. Git. Data. Google.

I love to develop in Python, and use SciPy, especially Pandas, for data analysis.

I think Git is such a great idea that I practice the Gitflow workflow on my projects.

Google is the master of building tools. I'm proud to work for the company that built TensorFlow.


I chose to attend a small, intense, liberal arts college because I love to learn. Every new approach is a chance for improvement; every new idea is a budding paradigm.


Critical thinking becomes more important, not less, as the amount of accessible information grows. To take that data and turn it into knowledge — that's a worthwhile endeavor.


At the end of my life, I want to look at the world and see it changed, for the better, by the work I've done. I hope to do truly useful things, to make things that I am proud of.

Things I wrote

Sublime & Floobits

A tutorial I wrote for getting started with Floobits, the plugin for Sublime Text that lets you edit code simultaneously with others.

Success in Swat CS

A post about how my experiences at Swarthmore were invaluable during my summer 2014 internship at Nest on the Algorithms team (we figure out how to make the smart products smart).

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