Things I Wrote

which may be useful.

I enjoy finding and using technologies that allow me to work more efficiently. I also write things. Hopefully you will find some of these pages helpful.

Vim tricks

A growing collection of tricks for the Vim editor and for editors with Vim emulation.

Success in Swat CS

A post for the Success in Swat CS blog. I interned at Nest during the summer of 2014 on the Algorithms team (we figure out how to make the smart products smart), and my Swat experience was invaluable in helping me perform better than the guys in The Internship (2013).

Floobits & Sublime

Have you ever wanted to write code at the same time as your partner? Have you heard classmates expounding on the joys of Sublime, and wondered what they were talking about? Here I show you how to install a modern editor that is (rightfully) getting love from programmers everywhere, and a plugin that lets you edit code simultaneously with others.