Vim Tricks

Ways to make Vim even better.


I love Vim. I use more powerful editors all the time (Sublime, PyCharm) and my first customization is always to get Vim emulation set up. Here's a collection of useful tricks I've picked up; some are Vim movements, others are just for the Vim editor.

(Last update: 2014-12-17)

Tabs (Vim editor)

Open multiple files in the same window with shared buffers. It's really easy:

  • $ vim -p file1 file2 file3 opens three files in different tabs.
  • Switch between tabs with gt and gT in command mode, or ngt (where n is the index of the tab starting at 1).
  • The buffer is the same across tabs, so yanking/pasting across tabs is easy (just use y and p as you would in a single document).
  • Close a tab with the usual :wq or :q!
  • Add a tab with :tabe filename.

This information was gleaned from this Stack Overflow post. Happy tabbing!